Please see FAQ's below.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Do you do custom cutters? Yes. In addition to the cutters listed on our website, we can custom make any cutter your require. 

What are the payment terms? We will pack (or, if necessary produce) your cutter after confirmation of your specifications. 

How long does it take to ship cutters? Cutters can be sent next working day after they are ready.  Shipping time to most locations is 3-7 days, depending on courier. 

How are cutters shipped? Cutters can be shipped by courier, or delivered within China to wherever you require.

How can I pay for cutters?  By bank transfer.  We will send you account information. 

What is the guarantee? 100% guaranteed against defects at time of delivery.  If you notice any defects, please contact us immediately. 

Can I visit the factory? Yes, we welcome visitors.  Please see contact details for our location or call us to arrange visit. 

Do you supply bamboo machinery?  If you need bamboo machinery, you can visit https://bamboomachinery.com or let us know and we can forward your request to an appropriate supplier.